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Consulting and due diligence of partner companies and contractors

Due diligence: conducting legal due diligence. Analysis of companies, contractors, businesses, transactions, real estate, projects, objects.

Before buying a business, before making a decision to attract investment or other decisions regarding the further development of the company, as well as in many other cases, a comprehensive analysis of the company’s condition (Due diligence) is performed.

The analysis is based on three aspects: 

– financial;

– production (if available);

– legal.

The result of the analysis is a document containing a description of the analyzed documents, the general state of affairs, the risks existing in the current state of affairs, as well as ways and means to minimize risks and recommendations for the near future.

The accuracy of the analysis in any case depends on the completeness of the documents, information and other information that the analysis customer has. In some cases, it is necessary to request documents from government agencies (for example, extracts from the unified state register).

Due diligence differs from financial audit in that the procedure for conducting it and, consequently, its depth is not regulated by law, as well as its mandatory nature and frequency. In addition, this is a comprehensive view of the business, while financial audit only concerns the issues of financial stability and completeness of the activity in the accounting statements.