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Preparing a set of documents for opening a Bank account

We have a huge experience in opening Bank accounts for companies and communication with banks, we will help Your business prepare the necessary documents for opening an account, do an audit and, if necessary, go through the entire process of opening an account with You.

The list of mandatory documents is set out in clause 4.1 of the Bank of Russia’s Instruction No. 153-I dated 30.05.2014 “on opening and closing Bank accounts, Deposit accounts ,and Deposit accounts” (hereinafter referred to as instruction No. 153 – I). The list includes:

1) Charter of LLC or JSC;

2) licenses, if any;

3) Bank card with samples of signatures and seal impression. It can be issued directly in the Bank. The law allows that the authenticity of the signatures of the persons indicated in the card can be certified by a notary, but the remaining fields will have to be filled in by the Bank (p. 7.1, 7.9, 7.10 of instruction No. 153-I);

4) documents confirming the authority of the persons indicated in the card to dispose of funds in the Bank account. If the Director will manage the funds, it is sufficient to submit the documents specified in the following paragraph. If the chief accountant-provide a copy of his passport, employment order, employment contract. If another person-submit a copy of their passport and documents confirming their authority: power of attorney, order to grant the right to sign, etc.;

5) documents confirming the powers of the sole Executive body of the legal entity. These documents include:

an extract from the unified state register of legal entities, which must be received no earlier than 30 days before submitting documents to the Bank;
the decision to create an LLC (the decision to establish a joint-stock company) or the corresponding Protocol. The decision (Protocol) must indicate the election of the person as General Director;
a copy of the CEO’s passport;
order on appointment (taking office) of the General Director;
employment contract with the General Director;
certificate of registration with the tax authority.

Our team will collect and prepare all this list of documents for you.