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It is easy to open a company

Like a child, Your company needs a good name. When choosing a name, use only the Latin alphabet; characters are not allowed. But most importantly, the name must be unique and clearly distinguishable from other previously registered names of partnerships and trademarks.

When selecting a suitable name, use the name query service, which will check the similarity of the entered name with the names of partnerships and trademarks.

Company name Field of activity What's next

When checking the availability of a name, you may see a warning that you have found similar or overlapping names and brands. If the search results overlap with the name you selected, unfortunately, it will not be possible to open a new company with this name.

The establishment of a company is possible if the request for the name gave similar names or trademarks, but clearly does not recommend submitting an application with such a name if there is a similar name or trademark. In this case, you will not receive a resolution from the assistant judge to correct the deficiencies a couple of days after submitting your application. If such a resolution comes, You will have to find a new name for the company, submit an application to change the application for opening.

Choosing the main field of activity for a company can be the most difficult when opening a company. The NACE code ( industry standard classification system ) is the basis for using your company's economic indicators in EU statistics.
We recommend choosing the area of activity in which the company's first year of operation is likely to have the highest turnover from sales. It is also allowed to work in several areas of activity, if they are not required for licensing and notification. You can't change the code that you selected when you opened your company later. After submission of the report for the financial year of the firm indicates it as the area code with the highest sales turnover.

When the application is signed and paid for, it will be submitted via the Commercial register API to the Register Department. So the assistant judge will review Your data in the application and make a decision within 1-2 business days, issuing a resolution on the establishment or resolution on the elimination of shortcomings. The resolution will be sent to You by email. Therefore, when entering your data, be sure to use a valid email address.

The most common reason for obtaining a resolution to eliminate deficiencies is that the name is too similar to the already registered name of the company or trademark. In this case, you need to submit an application to change the entry request.